Painting on ceramics is an ancient art form used to decorate everyday objects,
​tell a story & for commemorative keepsakes.
Although in history adults painted ceramics,
our children are able to use this medium too ​for all the same reasons learning new techniques, planning & creative skills




We work closely with your school creating a bespoke workshop for topic projects like The Greeks, Stone Age and Victorian Silhouettes.

Included in the workshop is a brief background to the topic subject & how pottery can be used to show it, we also give a talk on how pottery is made & fired.

Commemorative plates or mugs are a fantastic keepsake for those special occasions; leavers mugs, First Holy Communion, acheivment prizes, school anniversary etc.

​We have experience in working with SEN whether behavioural issues or complex disabilities. Painting is theruptic, offers a sensory experience & is rewarding for all abilities. We will work closely with you to ensure the children get the ideal workshop for their level.

​Tile Wall Murals can be created with the children’s involvment to brighten up a wall in your school or commemorate a special anniversary. Ceramic murals can be inside or outside.


​​We offer a foot/handprint service that can come to your nursery to capture young children’s prints while so small, as a lovely keepsake, perfect for Mother’s or Father’s Day. 

Once the children are a little older they can paint
‘modern art’ onto special commemorative items.

All pottery is personalized by hand to create a beautiful finish to cherish forever.


Tailored workshops for schools, SEN, early years in nurseries
​and all key stages. 
Working with you on curriculum topics,
decorative wall murals or
 ​keepsakes for everyone